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When cash becomes an issue, speed is everything. In this post, we’re listing some of the top ways you can access quick cash in an urgent situation. Whether you need the money for an emergency or need to cover your day-to-day expenses until your next payment from work comes in, here are some of the best ways to get hold of a few dollars in a flash. Let’s get going!

Loans from friends

It might be tough, but it’s the best way to get some fast cash without having to pay any fees or interest. You’ll probably have to go over to them to pick up the cash in hand, but more and more people are using online banking now, so that might be an option too.

Payday loans

Get a fast payout loan from Pretty Penny if you’re in a real crunch. Payouts can be made quickly within 24 hours and the application process can be completed online. You don’t need a good credit score but you will need to prove you earn a steady income from your employment.  

You can pick any amount you need with these types of fast cash loan. It’s important to take as little as you need because you’ll have to pay it back within a month or two at most.

Local handyman jobs

This can be handy if you’re trying to save money by increasing your income. Have a search online for listing sites like Craigslist and other classified Ad platforms. If you’re not so good with DIY, there might be other little jobs you do to help others out. From writing and admin work to cleaning or moving. There’s always someone looking for help with something. Find gigs you can do, give them a go, and get paid in cash right away.   

An advance from work

This is only possible if you’ve been a model employee for some time. Sit down with your manager and see if taking a cash advance is on the table. The money comes out of your next monthly payment but you won’t have to pay any charges like you would with a conventional loan.   


These can be pretty pricey so be sure to do your research. If you’re looking to buy something special like a car or a trip to a sensible holiday destination, you’re better off sticking to one of the other options on this list or saving up. Overdrafts are a very expensive and time-bound form of credit. They can be especially costly if you take them out without permission. Avoid overdrawing from your accounts unless you have a planned overdraft agreement with your bank.

Drive for Uber

You need to be near Auckland for this one to work as effectively as possible. You can drive for services like Uber if you have a driver’s license, a car that’s relatively new, and you pass their entry scheme. This isn’t as fast as some of the other options on this list, but it can be a way to start earning extra cash within days for work that most people would enjoy.  

Don’t have your own car? You’ll need to lease a modern one to do the job. You’ll need to sit down, work out a plan, and treat this like a real business venture. Uber drivers are self employed, which means you potentially run the risk of incurring more costs than revenue.     

Sell old books

Yes, people still read from paper books. If you’re an avid reader yourself, you’ve probably got a stash of hard copies piled up somewhere. Dig them out and throw them up on eBay or Amazon. Books are light, easy to post, and can be quite valuable if they’re rare. Of all the things you could sell from your home, your books are perhaps one of the easiest items to let go. Once you’ve read it, it’s worth far more to someone else who hasn’t.

That’s our list! These are the best ways we can think of right now to access fast cash in NZ. Think we’ve missed any? Feel free to let us know how you’ve made some cash quickly in the past. We’re not too interested in hearing about gambling or risky investments, but we’re always keen to share inspiration for safe and responsible ways to raise money quickly.

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