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Having an unexpected bill land in your mailbox is a terrible feeling, particularly if you don’t have a little nest egg stashed away. Thankfully, there are ways to avoid this. All it takes is foresight. By anticipating bills, you will be ready for them. Why? Because you will have been saving for this rainy day in advance.

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Here are six expenses that it pays to save for in advance.

1. Medical Expenses

It’s only until we get sick that we wish we’d put money aside for medical bills.

If you’re lucky enough to have a doctor that bulk bills, there’s still possible prescription or over-the-counter medications to pay for. For a family, during the sick season, medication can add up.

Then there’s things like preventative medicine (naturopath, vitamins, chiropractor etc.) that you may want to pay for. There’s the optometrist and glasses. And the dentist. Dentist bills can be as painful as pulling teeth!

Illness (or the dentist) is unpleasant enough. Avoid making it more unpleasant by saving for medical expenses.

2. Car repairs

Almost 50% of drivers don’t get their car serviced regularly, the main reason: not enough money because repairs haven’t been budgeted for [source].

The thing is, regular car maintenance can save you money in the long run as well as keep you safe on the road and help avoid preventable breakdowns.

Stash a little cash away each payday for repairs and don’t forget to schedule in a service.

3. Household maintenance

Household maintenance is the other constant money-suck.

But it’s wise to keep on top of it, otherwise you’ll end up paying more in the long run. Ignore that leaking toilet and you’ll suddenly have a flood in the living room downstairs.

4. Education Expenses

After fees and books and stationery and uniform and the laptop and the insurance for the laptop, we’re looking at several thousand.

Ease the burden of back-to-school costs by dispersing the cost throughout the year.

On a side note, put money aside for the school holidays. Just a little tiny bit each week so you can do one or two things during the holidays that cost a little more money than the usual play in the park.

5. Special Occasions

You probably already have a Christmas fund, where you put aside a little money each payday throughout the year to cover Christmas. Doesn’t it make Christmas so much easier?

But what about all the other special occasions throughout the year? Birthdays, Easter, farewell gifts at work, anniversaries, engagements, bridal showers, weddings, baby showers, house warmings… the list can go on an on.

Having a little money aside in the kitty to cover these expenses will mean you’re prepared for someone else’s big event.

6. Annual Fees

It’s amazing how many yearly subscriptions and memberships you can have.

It’s easy to forget about these annual expenses until they fall due. And then you’re scrambling to find the money to pay for them or putting them on credit.

On the other hand, putting a couple of dollars away each pay makes paying for them super easy.

Just be sure to think carefully about automatically renewing annual subscriptions and memberships and ask yourself if you really get value out of them. You’ll save even more by cancelling any unnecessary or underused annual subscriptions.

Save the pain by creating a savings plan and saving the money in advance.

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