Most of us know what it’s like to run into difficult financial times. We all aspire to reduce our outgoings and cut back on things we don’t need, but sometimes that’s simply much easier said than done. In this post, we want to highlight some of the most common ways things people can do when they need money fast in NZ. Whether you’ve overspent and don’t think you’ve left yourself enough for necessities, or a suprise cost has come up that you can’t afford to pay, these are the things you can try to get some cash income fast.   

Delivery driving

It could be for fast food, or it could be for apps like Uber. To drive for Uber you need a reasonably new car and to pass their application process. Otherwise, look around for local fast food places and see of they need drivers. It’s quick work, usually pays cash in hand, and can be done in the evenings.  

Participate in medical research

Medical studies look for candidates that meet certain conditions to test drugs, procedures and medications before actual release. Being one of these participants can pay pretty well. It’ll be easier to find jobs like this if you live in or near a city as most of the examinations occur at leading medical facilities. You don’t need any qualifications or experience, so it can be a very simple way to make a few extra dollars on a one-off job.  

Sell on Amazon or Craigslist

Rather than tucking into your overdraft and suffering the fees,  you could try selling old things that you don’t need on sites like Amazon or Craigslist. Almost anything usable has value, so have a look around and see if anything you possess can be listed. It’s always best to offer to mail items as opposed to meeting buyers in person. This will help you avoid the dangers and hassle of meeting strangers to complete transactions.   

Dog walking

Everyone in this country loves their dogs! If you live near a city or large town, there will be a bunch of people that don’t have time to walk and care for their canine friends everyday. Google it and see if there are any dog walking jobs in your area. Not only is this a fun cash in hand gig, it can also spiral into more work as the owners need for dog walking services is likely to be ongoing.     


Own a camera and think you have a sharp eye for beauty? You can try selling stock photos on digital platforms like ShutterStock, or you can pitch youself to locals who might need a photographer for weddings, birthdays, and other special events. If you don’t have any real experience, you’ll probably have to offer your services at a very attractive rate, but cash is cash. Any paying gig you can land will b a great step towards building a handy sideline income.  

Take a payday loan

These are the types of loans we focus on at Pretty Penny. They are short-term which means you’ll have to pay them back by the time you get your next payment from work. Payday loans are paid out the same day you apply (within 24 hours), you don’t need a great credit score and it’s easy to apply through our website at any time that suits you.

You might have heard of quick payday loans before. They’re not designed for business use as capital, nor are they intended for luxury purchases. We want to help people by offering access to the precise amount of cash you require with as fast a payout as possible.

Our loans suit people with urgent repairs to make, a shortage in cash for day-to-day essentials, and anyone needing to cover a vital cost that they can’t afford without help. All you need to apply is your most recent bank statements showing your income and your official photo ID.

Those are our favorites! When you’re short on cash, you can either earn it fast, or borrow it even faster! None of these job ideas will make you rich, but these are handy options to think about when you need money fast in NZ.

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