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When you’re searching for the perfect loan options for your urgent situation, there are a lot of vital factors to consider. One of the most important factors for many people is the processes involved in verifying your employment status. In this post, we’re looking at some of the best advantages of payday loans In NZ with no employer contact. Have a read through to find out why employer contact is something you should be thinking about. We’ll start with:

It can add time to the whole process  

When you’re running low on cash, time is precious. The faster the application process, the better. We fully appreciate how important this is at Pretty Penny, which is why we offer fast payout short-term loans in NZ without employer credit checks. Companies that insist on making these calls will inevitably take longer to pay out. What if your employer isn’t available at the time they call? What if it’s a weekend? These factors can all slow down the loan process and delay your approval by days.

We only need your ID and latest bank statement showing your income to be able to assess your eligibility. As long as we can see that you’re earning enough on a consistent basis to make repayments, there’s no need for us to make calls to your employer at all.

Your employer might give you a bad reference

This is another possibility that could delay or disrupt the process. Your employer might have something to say about your character, performance, or responsibility with money. Any of these issues might have an impact on a loan provider and this will be reflected in the terms they offer you for your loan. Aim for a loan company like Pretty Penny, who don’t make calls to employers, and this risk is taken away.

Your money habits will be perfectly reflected in your bank statements. This is why we concentrate on your most recent activity rather than assess your situation based on what others have to say. We don’t scour through every entry on your accounts looking for reasons to reject your application, quite the opposite! We simply need evidence of your ability to pay back what you owe comfortably.

The last thing we want to see is customers struggling to manage their repayments and fall into debt. This scenario would be as bad for us as it would be for you. Short-term loans are a little different to a credit card. When managing a credit card, if you miss your payments completely, your charges will soar, your credit rating will plummet and your limit will be severed.

We’re more on your side when it comes to making repayments successfully. Contact us early enough if you think you’ll have trouble paying, and we’ll do what we can to make the payment schedule easier for you. We only aim to provide loans to those who will find the repayments very manageable. Once we have assessed your statements, we’ll get back to you with the amount we think suits your circumstances best.

A call from a loan company might impact your reputation at work

It’s nobody else’s business that you want to apply for a loan. We value your privacy just as much as you do, so we don’t like the idea of making verification calls at all. If a company were to make such a call, your employer might be shocked that you’re seeking an emergency loan and this could have implications throughout your place of work. We think it’s important for such matters to be kept as confidential as possible.    

Everyone’s impression is impacted by finances. It’s just like when you ask your friends or family for a loan. The embarrassment comes from having to ask for help with money. You’re employers perception of you is just as fragile. As soon as they learn of your need for emergency funding, they’ll think differently of you. This isn’t good for anyone, so we’ve developed a process that cuts this out completely.

Those are the main benefits of a payday loans in NZ that don’t need employer contact. We can approve loans without bringing anyone else into the mix. You get the funds you need, and your finances are kept perfectly private just as they should be.   

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