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Christmas is upon us. What have you got planned for the holiday season? Unfortunately, spending money during this time is relatively unavoidable.

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There are a number of ways to save money while Santa visits.

Don’t holiday in peak times

Okay, so you want to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Day. But have you thought about booking accommodation and flights in the first week of the New Year?

It’s always much more affordable. You’ll keep more cash in your pocket, providing you and your family with much needed financial relief.

Use your bankcard, not cash

‘More cash in your pocket’ is just a saying. We actually recommend using your bankcard where possible.

You won’t feel the urge to spend unnecessarily when you don’t have that colourful cash floating around your wallet.

Get with the times

You’re always bound to pay more when booking hotels and flights in person or over the phone. Make use of websites such as Skyscanner or Trivago where hot deals are always on offer.

Also, download the Uber app to save a bit of extra cash each time you need a taxi! Or, you can go for a walk!

Get lost

If you’re heading to the North or South Island for the Christmas holiday, why not explore the town you’re visiting on foot? It’s the locals’ way of looking around that will save you money while providing a great for of exercise.

Interested in learning more ways to maintain money during the most financially demanding time of the year? There’s so many great articles out there! Head over to ASIC’s MoneySmart website and pick up some other great tips.

To some extent, spending little money or sticking to a budget during the upcoming Christmas period is extremely difficult. If you’ve booked your holiday in advance and now suffering a bit of financial hardship, Pretty Penny can help.

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You can read some important information about applying for cash in our previous blog post: 10 Things You Should Know Before You Apply For a Loan 

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  1. I am writing regarding my daughters payments 3 times now you have taken her whole benefit out of her account this can not continue as you have left her with no money what so ever I do know she arranged to pay $16 per week but for three weeks now you guys have taken all of her money then returned it you are putting a lot of unnecessary stress on her if this continues I will have no choice but to get my lawyer involved & also I will be contacting fair go so pull your finger out & get this right! !!

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