The right repayment tips can make a world of difference for millennials looking to payoff loans fast. We’re giving you 7 tips you can’t ignore.

Finances aren’t easy for millennials. Even if you’ve budgeted yourself down to the penny, you’ll have to take out a loan at some point. After that, you’re probably wondering how to payoff your loans as fast as possible.

Loans and finances can be a slippery slope. All it takes are a couple of bad choices (that are sometimes necessary when you’re down and out) to ruin your finances and credit.

Loans are a great way to save the day when you need it, but you will have to payoff loans you have. While you probably have a deadline for it, it’s best to get that done as quickly as possible.

Looking for easy ways to pay off your loans fast? Look no further!

Increase your budget

One helpful way to payoff loans you’ve received quickly is to increase the amount you’re paying.

When you take out a loan, you’ll learn what your minimum payment is to repay the loan in the timeline provided. It’s understandable that you’d stick that minimum payment.

Most people do, and it allows you to make progress on your loan without breaking your budget. Hopefully.

However, everyone experiences loans getting out of hand. Whether you’ve just realized the amount of interest you’re accruing or you see hard times on the horizon, changing your payments may be a good idea.

If you can, increase your budget to pay more than the minimum. This will help you payoff loans faster.

The more money you put into it, the quicker you can leave that loan in the dust.

Make more payments

Another simple way to payoff loans is to make more payments.

You’re probably on a monthly schedule with your loans, right? You’ve got the date memorized or marked on your calendar so you can remember to move the money between accounts.

If you can’t afford to increase the size of your payments regularly, you may be able to do it sporadically.

Regardless of whether or not you’re consistently making enough to pay the big sum, everyone comes into additional cash now and then. If you don’t have any pressing matters, it’s probably a good idea to put that money toward your financial future.

Making more payments on your loans has the same effect as increasing the amount you’re paying. You’re just doing it scattered throughout the month rather than in one lump sum.

If you have any extra cash lying around, it’s possible to put that extra money toward helping you payoff loans.


This one takes a little bit of strategy, but it’s a smart way to help you payoff loans.

Consider paying off your debt with a new credit card. Several credit cards allow you to open up an account with low interest. Any deb you accrue on this card won’t be charged interest.

However, before you do this to payoff any payday loans, check your finances in general. Credit cards can be a slippery slope.

However, if you have a budget plan to pay off the credit card in a set amount of time, this can help you considerably by lowering the amount of interest you pay.

Additionally, if you can’t afford to use the card to pay off your whole loan, pay off as much as you can.

Aggressively work to repay the debt on the credit card. Make sure you keep the card from maxing out, or you may be subject to additional fees.

If you’ve got the strategy and budgeting skills to pull this off, this can be a great way to get out of your payday loans without paying crazy amounts of interest.


You may not think about going to your loan providers and asking to renegotiate the terms, but this is actually a smart way to payoff your loans and benefit your finances.

If you’re out of money, flat broke, and have nobody to turn to, and credit cards aren’t an option, just understand that you’re not completely up against the wall.

Don’t be afraid to let your lenders know the situation. While they’re in the business of financing, they’re also human, and they understand that sometimes bad things happen to good people.

Sometimes, you won’t get anything unless you ask for it. This is a fact of life. Therefore, don’t be afraid to ask your creditors for extra time to pay, or a lower repayment schedule, or even a new interest rate.

Take initiative, and you may be surprised to find that your lenders are willing to work with you.

Paperless loans

This one isn’t a foolproof method, and you’ll wind up paying the same amount on your loan. Still, it’s possible that your lender offers benefits for choosing to make your payments online or through mobile rather than on paper.

Check with your lender to see if there are any discounts offered for paperless payments that maybe wasn’t covered when you initially signed.

Paperless payments save your lender money (paper costs add up!). If you use auto-pay, that means your payments are seamless, so you won’t have to worry about late fees.

Ask family and friends

When it comes down to it and you’ve exhausted your options, there’s no shame in asking other people to help you payoff loans.

Everybody runs into a tight spot. Everybody.

It may take a little bit of finesse. You probably can’t just walk up to your friend and ask for a ton of money. However, if you explain your situation to your family and close friends, you may find they’re willing to help you out of your pickle.

Ready to payoff loans you have?

Paying off your loans is a hassle, but it’s a part of life.

With these tips, you can develop a plan to pay off your loans as quickly as possible. This gives you great financial freedom, and nothing helps build financial knowledge like experience.

If you’re ready to take the leap and pay off your loans ASAP, we’ve got all the answers you need. Still have questions? Contact us!

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