The importance of short terms loans with no credit check might only be understood by the unemployed. We’re sharing why they are so important here!

There comes a time when a person is down on their luck and stuck in a financial situation that puts them at their wit’s end.

It is caused by any number of events:

  • Sudden medical expenses and the following bills
  • A strong need for capital during business expansion
  • Relocation or unexpected downtime from a layoff
  • Natural disasters or unlucky damages to the home or vehicle
  • Compounding interest or overdraft fees from simple mistakes

These events, especially the rising cost of living and home ownership, can hit you hard in both the wallet and morale.

However, there are no credit check options available to help.


The Financial Dires

Many of us are already living paycheck-to-paycheck which also happens to affect our credit scores.

Our tight budgeting sometimes makes us miss payments, resulting in a ding on our credit. Once the credit dips too low there isn’t much of an opportunity to pull ourselves out of the hole.

Sure, there are tips on living paycheck-to-paycheck that may mitigate the problems such as:

  • Selling unneeded items
  • Picking up a side gig
  • Changing meal plans
  • Downsizing

Anyone that has been in the hole can tell you how hard it is to climb out when there isn’t much wiggle room, to begin with.

It’s a catch 22 scenario with finances because one more setback can stop all chances of normalcy.

The bank will take a look at your score and dismiss you. Credit card companies will do the same.

Through all this — short term cash advances can help you escape the pit.

The Benefits of a Short Term Loan (with No Credit Check)

A short-term loan, by definition, is one repaid within a year. Modern options to the definition have expedited the process which makes them responsible and manageable because of the lower amount borrowed.

New Zealand regulates short-term loans on a federal level which helps dictate:

  • Repayment terms
  • Loan amounts

And many other factors.

This is a clear benefit versus the dubious payday and short-term loans that are covered in the American news media.

The regulations for short-term loans in New Zealand creates a new atmosphere compared to American counterparts.

The lenders are responsible and will explain and set loan amounts within financial limits.

The No Credit Check Benefits

Here are a few extra benefits to a short-term loan without credit checks:

  • A Leg Up – Hard times can hit hard and we’re quick to help family members when they’re in need. The member may only need a few hundred to carry them over though you may not want it to show on your credit report. A no credit check loan eases this process for both parties and will get the individual back on their feet within hours.
  • Avoid Loss – Missing a mortgage payment can jumpstart the process of foreclosure. Banks are ruthless. You won’t be able to go to said bank to get a loan when you’re already in need of money. A no credit short-term loan can be the answer to the problem.
  • Emotional – Borrowing money from a family member can be tough on the relationship. You may have the best intentions but if you lag in repaying the member then it gets personal. No credit loans remove that burden because it’s business as usual. You deal with the company rather than the awkward, sometimes heated, moments you may have with the family member.

A no credit check short-term loan may not even be for yourself. You could be operating a business that’s short for the month.

To keep things afloat you may want to consider the alternatives which happen to be these short-term options.

Other times it may be a lapse in work. The New Zealand job market is going strong but there are times when it’s rough. A long lapse in work can be stressful to an already stretched budget. Enter the no credit check loan.

There is still hope when you’re in dire financial problems…

The Process of a No Credit Check Short Term Loan

The short-term loan process is easy considering there is no credit check. This cuts out the ding that may come from boosting your credit card capital or dealing with a bank.

There are two things needed for the process:

  • Personal details
  • A bank statement

With these items in hand, you will be able to use a secure system through Pretty Penny to apply up to $500 within minutes.

There is a simple application requiring you to enter basic details.

Once you’re ready all you need to do is press accept, wait for approval, and the loan is delivered to you within hours.

If using the Web is intimidating you are always more than welcome to give a call to 0800 835 356 to reach a specialist to secure a short-term, no credit check loan through private means.

Securing a Financial Future

Pundits take to the airwaves spouting that all one has to do is cut back on frivolous spending.

The reality is that many hardworking people are in these situations because of issues out of their control.

We work hard but sometimes dealt a bad hand.

Short term loans can provide a long-term solution to a short-term problem if it’s used effectively. Sometimes all it takes is that one opportunity to get back on track and we’re home free with realigning our financial goals.

When you’re faced with:

A. Missing payments which will affect your credit score and damage your ability to gain loans for housing, vehicles, and credit cards in the future


B. Spending a small part of your income to pay back a short-term loan yet keep up-to-date with those bills to avoid collections

These no credit check loans make…

A Financial Sense

It’s a benefit. It makes financial sense.

We’re not always going to have financial stability but we can take action and stay educated about our options so we’re not forced into a corner.

When you need a no credit check, short term loan — get in touch with us at Pretty Penny Loans. We’ll help you secure your financial future.

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