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Are unexpected medical bills breaking the savings bank?

Continue reading to find out more about how a shock medical incident could drain your rainy day fund. You will also learn some helpful hints in how to avoid a giant medical or dental bill.

First, we have to accept that fate is wild.

We can take every precaution needed to avoid the doctor, but accidents happen and sometime we just have plain old bad luck.

Don’t let that deter you, though. Still eat your apple a day and continue your regular exercise regime. More importantly, continue on your path to financial freedom. Keep saving. Let’s just hope that you don’t have to use your hard-earned cash to pay the doctor, dentist or surgeon for your root canal or knee reconstruction!

It is pretty good to know that Pretty Penny Loans is available when you need it most. We offer fast money in NZ for those suffering a mountain of emergency medical bills. All you need to do to apply for our fast money service is head over to:

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Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons New Zealanders choose the Pretty Penny approach for financial medical help.

Need help with surgery bills?

It doesn’t matter how fit we are, sometimes we are fated with ill luck. Of course, we can eat our greens and exercise daily, but have you thought about what would happen if you required emergency surgery? We perhaps don’t think about these types of things because we don’t want to cloud our minds with negative thoughts.

Visiting a surgeon is going to run a little differently to a visit to your local general practitioner. Why? Because the costs associated with surgery are vast and expensive. Going under the knife means you will pay for the surgical room (for the operation itself), the hospital room (for recovery), as well as the initial diagnostic services (which probably meant a trip to your local GP anyway to get a referral), the medication and the medical supplies. What’s worse, you will probably be needing to take some time off work.

But, hypothetically speaking (and let’s hope it never happens!), if you bust a knee while playing touch footy with friends or your appendix suddenly burst, are you ready to pick up the bill left by doctors, surgeons, physiotherapists and the like?

If not, at least you know that when you are in need of fast money in NZ to help with surgery bills, Pretty Penny will answer the call. As we like to say, when you need a leg up, we will give you a helping hand.

Find out how to prepare for unexpected bills here.

Need help with dentist bills?

How often do you visit the dentist for that six-month check up? It should be every six months, right? It is 2018 and in NZ, we are busier than ever, so perhaps not all of us make it to that six-month check up, or even the annual check up. The cost of visiting a dentist can be on the hefty side. But, do you want to know what could be heftier? Not visiting the dentist at least once a year! Then you will definitely be needing some fast money.

Think about the bigger picture in this circumstance. If you don’t pay a few hundred dollars every year for your annual check up, you teeth could be subject to all kinds of issues that will require extensive dentistry work. And that ain’t cheap! Maintain your teeth now to avoid a bunch of expensive dental work in the future.

It doesn’t matter what kind of emergency dental procedure you require. From gum surgery, bridges, implants, dentures and crowns to the terrible-sounding root canal, all can be avoided through regular dental maintenance. If your teeth have decided to dip into your wallet, know that Pretty Penny Loans is here to offer NZ fast money to keep the peace between your health, and your bank balance.

Need help with other medical bills?

Catching the common cold or flu is often more detrimental to our lifestyles in that we are forced to stay home and skip work, which then leads to financial losses long term. This idea is coupled with the fact that private health providers don’t always pick up where you left off in the monetary matters of your hospital or GP visitations.

Again, we do our best to avoid such situations but the sad reality is that they occur. If you live in NZ an are in need of fast money to assist with medical bills, get in touch with Pretty Penny Loans today.

Unfortunately, there will come a time when you need money and you need it fast. When that time comes, Pretty Penny can save you a lot of stress. As long as you meet the minimal requirements, you can get this fast money to pay for medical bills, urgent travel situations, or important bills, or anything else you need.

In need of a loan to get through a hard situation? Take a look at our application process.

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