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Pretty Penny Loans is here to help when times get tough. No matter what you are going through financially, we can offer a solution. Visit Emergency Cash Loans for more information.

A lot of people are worried about instant finance, which can be referred to by a bunch of other names including payday advances, short-term, same-day, quick, fast and emergency cash loans. Don’t be!

Pretty Penny Loans is a company built on values of honesty and integrity. We have long provided temporary finance solutions to those who are truly in need. And, we have always advocated responsible lending.

Has your car broken down? Is your car registration due? Do you need medical surgery? Is the electricity and bills for other amenities coming in hot? If you are answering yes to these questions, and if all your funds have been exhausted, you may be able to apply for instant finance with Pretty Penny Loans.

But these aren’t the only reasons why someone would take a loan. Cars always bugger out at one point or another. If you have a nest egg tucked away for those rainy days, you would arguably use it in circumstances such as these. But what else can I receive instant finance for?

Launch a business

You have been saying it for years. It is time to finally follow through on your word and launch a business. At the beginning, there is always some investments to be made and some capital to be sought.

This is the perfect scenario for a prospective business owner to seek instant finance. Whether you are starting a small freelance web design company at home, or designing a company that employs freelance web designers, some cash flow is needed to lift things off the ground.

Invest in your future with some instant finance! Make that dream business a reality today.

Further your education

This is also a case of investing in your future. University and other forms of education can be extremely expensive. If you aren’t able to obtain a grant or scholarship, consider taking a loan.

Paying off your education in increments is a great and simple way to create better job prospects once graduation time comes around. Getting a better job after university will mean you are able to pay off the instant finance quicker!

On-campus universities aren’t the only option. Nowadays, there are many ways to study, including through online universities or tertiary options like Open Universities or TAFE. Invest in your future by investing in yourself! Learn more about studying here.

Getting hitched

Sometimes, love just speaks for itself. Weddings are perhaps the one day, especially in women’s lives, that they dream of being perfect. The memories last a lifetime. It needs to be absolutely flawless.

The reality is, a lot of money goes in to making weddings happen. From caterers and furniture to the bride’s dress and maybe even a wedding coordinator—the numbers keep adding up.

But when you can’t deprive the person you love of the wedding they have always dreamed of, exploring the idea of applying for instant finance suddenly becomes less crazy. Taking a loan to fund a wedding is particularly prominent in shotgun weddings, as in, when love can’t wait another day!

Okay, but what about the process?

The best part is, it’s simple. If you are in a financial situation where you can’t cover the unexpected, or you want to invest some money (like in the above examples), get in contact with Pretty Penny Loans.

To get up to $500 in instant finance paid directly into your bank account, all you need to do is apply online in a few easy steps. There is no catch. You can even customise your repayment schedule to make it more affordable for you.

Our fast approval service means that the cash will be in your hands the same day, if your loan is approved before 3:45pm. All we need from you is your basic information i.e. name, phone number etc. and a bank statement! Voila!

If you want to learn more about instant finance and responsible lending with Pretty Penny Loans, please read Instant Payday Loans or Overdraft Fees? Which is Better?


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