Hands over a model home family and car living expenses

There’s no two ways about it: New Zealand is expensive. Thanks to ingenious saving hacks though, living here doesn’t have to be. The ENZ organisation’s article, 22 Ways to Slash Your Cost of Living in New Zealand, reveals the clever ways long-serving residents stretch their dollar.

Beyond the usual saving techniques – shopping around for better prices, waiting until pieces go on sale before purchasing, and stocking up on reduced items at the supermarket – locals’ can-do approach and lateral thinking delivers great savings. Growing a veggie patch and making meals from scratch saves significant dollar, while signing up to community newsletters is a great way to get your hands on a good deal. For those with little ones, locals suggest joining a toy library. Yes, it’s as great as it sounds.

“Our toy library cost us $70/year to join and most toys are free to take out, with the bigger toys costing $2/fortnight. If you have kids you will love the toy library and so will they…”

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Read the original source article: enz.org/22-ways-to-slash-your-cost-of-living-in-new-zealand.html

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