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Saving money for future investment when you barely cover your costs can seem like an impossible dream. Everyone can get out of debt with a bit of ingenuity and some hard budgeting.  Setting up the right budget is crucial; find out exactly what you spend your money on is only the first step. Once you have a clear picture of your spending habits it will be easier to see where to cut. Then you can start looking at ways to make money to supplement your current financial situation. Elly Shirvell a student realised that cafeteria food was one of her biggest unnecessary expenses, which was an easy fix.

Do you ever feel like debt and homelessness are going to overwhelm you? Me, too, or at least I did. Ever since I was accepted into college, I’d been struggling to utilise my government support effectively and managing my funds from freelance gigs and casual work was an absolute nightmare. That was until I figured out how to save money successfully, and actually make some along the way.


Once all pay off all your debt, you still have a couple of steps before you can start your investing journey. You need a healthy emergency fund and you should consider contributing more to your retirement.

Before you jump head-first into riskier financial waters, we need to make absolutely sure that you’re really at the point financially where you have money to invest

If you take your financial situation seriously you can reach the goals you once thought impossible, just take it one step at a time.

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Then to apply, simply complete our quick online application and send us a bank statement. Or call us and one of our friendly staff will be happy to help. You can use our cost calculator to get an estimate of your repayment amounts. We do our very best to help every kiwi that applies. Our motto is to:

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