Borrowing Responsibly

Looking to Apply for a Loan Today? Before proceeding to any application process, you really should consider the serious nature of a loan.

A Pretty Penny Loan can be perfect for bridging gaps between now and your next payday, but aren’t always the answer to your financial problems. It can be expensive to borrow even just a small amount of money. Before proceeding, all other options should be heavily considered first.

Alternative Options before Taking out a Loan

  • Discuss a payment plan with your provider, you don’t need to pay these off in one lump sum. Money owing to phone, electricity or gas providers can be repaid by going on a more suitable payment arrangement that caters around your financial position.

Borrow as Little as Possible

When completing out your application, consider the amount that you will actually need to get through your current emergency situation. Although you may be approved for more, keep into consideration the additional costs to borrowing that extra amount.

Understand Your Loan

Once you are approved for your loan, before accepting the loan contract make sure you have a good understanding of the financial commitment you are making. Take a good look into the additional fees and charges that you may incur if you deviate from your original contract and ensure that this is the right loan for you.