You’ve probably heard the term, ‘beneficiary loan’ before. But what exactly is a beneficiary loan in NZ? It’s pretty simple to our payday loan services, but put simply, they’re for someone who is on benefits — and these benefits are received on a weekly or monthly basis.

If you need money quicker than you’re receiving benefits, then a beneficiary loan is for you. The reasons for needing a loan payment quicker than a benefit payment are many. Bills pile up. Bills are unexpected. It’s just a fact of life whether you’re on benefits or not. That’s why PPL is here, to offer a fantastic service to those truly in need of financial assistance, regardless of personal circumstances.

See how much you qualify for by applying today. All we need is a few simple details, as well as a bank statement.

Loan only suitable for short-term needs. Not suitable for long-term or regular borrowing.


Essentially, a beneficiary loan is exactly the same as a payday loan — a sum of money allocated to an applicant based on their loan eligibility for reasons that include emergency medical work, car repairs, rent payments and phone bills.

It works like this… Fill out our 2-minute online application form, upload a bank statement and then click submit. What happens next? The PPL customer service team will have a quick gander at your application and make sure everything’s in order.

What are we looking for? PPL is a responsible provider of beneficiary loans in NZ and therefore, assess every application to ensure we provide our customers with a loan amount that you can afford to repay. We’re in the business of helping people financially, not damaging them.

How long does the assessment take? You’ll know the outcome of your application within a matter of minutes, at which point, a PPL customer service rep will send you a friendly email with a few forms to sign.

But don’t be deterred! Our application process for a beneficiary loan online has been designed with you in mind. When we say no stacks of paperwork, we mean it. You’ll receive a short, plain-language contract. Agree to the terms and conditions, send it back to us and you’ll have the cash you need in your account within 2 hours*.


Do you have bad credit? No worries. PPL is a trusted name in the finance game because we consider every application irrespective of your current credit rating, plus we don’t negatively affect your credit score if repayments are missed.

“Gee, PPL is understanding!” Well, everyone experiences financial difficulty from time to time. And we exist because we want to alleviate your financial stress, not add to it!

Access your emergency cash by clicking apply below. Or if you’re an existing customer, simply log into our Member Portal so you can manage the details of an existing loan, or apply for a new one.

Please remember that you must be at least 18 years old and a permanent resident or citizen of New Zealand.


PPL is the leader in emergency financial solutions for North and South Islander New Zealanders. We live by rules of responsibility, and lead by example in reliability. We’re the trusted name kiwis turn to because we uphold values of complete transparency.

We have nothing to hide from our loyal customers. No hidden fees and no surprises equals no dramas. Check out all of the fixed fees associated with a PPL beneficiary loan here and rest assured knowing what costs you’re up for throughout the life of your loan.

With PPL, you also have the option to select your repayment schedule. Weekly, fortnightly, whatever suits. We want your PPL experience to be the best possible experience.

Ready to take the next step? Ready to have access to the funds you need in as little as 2 hours*? Click apply below. If you’d prefer to speak to one of PPL’s customer service team members, then by all means, pick up the phone. Whatever works for you!

Loan only suitable for short-term needs. Not suitable for long-term or regular borrowing.
Note: Applications received before 7:00pm will have the option receive funds on the same day. This will be subject to your bank. Optional fees and charges will apply.