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Running low on cash this month? When your monthly budget doesn’t quite get you to your next payment from work, an easy NZ loan with no credit check could be your best way to get the cash you need to survive until payday. In this article, Pretty Penny want to highlight some of the main factors that make our loans perfectly suitable for anyone suffering in a bit of a money jam. Here we go:

You can apply online

Applying online is the fastest way to take one of our payday loans. All we need is your ID and most recent bank account statements and we’ll be able to assess the level of funding you can afford to pay back within the coming months. Applying online means you can send your application to us at any time of the day through our website. The forms don’t take too long to complete and once we’ve processed your application, we’ll get on with sending you an offer within hours. Accept our offer and we’ll have the money paid to your account the same day.

Income is the most important factor

We don’t base our decisions on credit history. If yours is in less that perfect shape, we can still offer you a fast payout loan. The most important thing to us is that we can see you earn enough to be able to make a budget comfortably and can pay back what you owe without issue. Been refused elsewhere? As long as you have a stable income, we’ll do everything we can to help.

One of the best things about this system is that it means you can get an easy loan in NZ with no credit check. The credit assessment is the component that makes traditional borrowing so long and inconvenient. We understand that speed and practicality is a priority when you’re dealing with a tight money situation. So every part of our process is built to cater to these needs.

If you’ve had bad experiences with loans and credit cards in the past, a payday loan could be your chance to prove that you can borrow and pay back responsibly. Many of the people who borrow through us start with poor credit ratings and begin turning their situations around by making sure they pay our loans back exactly as agreed without delay.     

These loans are designed for urgent costs not spending

Short-term loans are paid out super fast and are designed to be paid back as soon as you get your next payment from work. You shouldn’t be using these types of financial solution for personal purchases. They are intended for emergency costs that you can’t ignore.  

Saving on all your common costs is a great way to start busting down debt. If your credit score is low, it might be because you’ve failed to make payments on time in the past or because your debt level is substantial right now. Learning to cut unnecessary spending and living on a strict and healthy budget remains the most effective way to improve your finances. Failing to repay short-term loans is a sure way to make your situation worse. Failed payments are as bad for us as they are for you, so we do all we can to help bring resolutions to accounts that have been ignored. If you think you might struggle to make any of your repayments, the best thing to do is contact us as soon as you can. We’ll do our best to reschedule your payments and guide you through settling your account.

That’s that! Payday loans are one of the fastest ways to get an easy loan with no credit check. Looking to buy a new pair of shoes or any other personal pleasure? Then it’s best to work on your saving methods. Need help because you’ve run out of cash and can’t afford to make it to your next payday? Then one of our fast payday loans could be the answer.

We hope you’ve found this quick overview helpful! If you have any other questions about payday options or credit checks, feel free to leave a comment below or contact our friendly team for more advice.   

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